Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana

The vehicle unit

The vehicle unit will run the system and record, among other things, all the information on the drivers’ activity in the previous 365 days in the vehicle in which the device is installed. It will also store information on any failures, attempted manipulation of the system, speeding violations, calibration… as well as recording the occasions this information has been accessed, either by an inspector or by the official security forces.

The vehicle unit will be set at GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), that is, the time at the Greenwich meridian, also known as UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time). Depending on the manufacturer of the unit, it will be possible to put the local time one hour ahead in winter and two hours forward in summer for Spain.

In order to use the vehicle unit, the drivers, companies, workshops (also known as workshops) and security forces must have a card with their specific needs, so that they can access the data contained in the unit and for which they are authorized.

The implementation in Spain of the digital tachographs for newly-registered vehicles, which are required to use this control device, began on 1 january, 2006.